Sunday, January 31, 2010

Transportation Links in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens

Here is another one of my assignments in my Geography of NYC class. For this assignment, the undergrad students in the class led a series of walking tours of neighborhoods around NYC. The grad students (that's me!) were responsible for overseeing the undergrads, preparing an agenda for the day, and providing information about the transportation that we used to get from one area to another.

We were all assigned to one of two walking-tour days, and we all worked in pairs. I was assigned to a group that gave tours of the following five neighborhoods in a single day:
(1) Penn Station/Herald Square
(2) West Village
(3) Williamsburg, including the hipster, Hasidic, and Latino sections
(4) Prospect Park South
(5) Brighton Beach and Coney Island

My particular assignment was to discuss two transportation links (Herald Square to the West Village by subway, and Prospect Park South to Brighton Beach by subway). In addition, I led the portion of the Brighton Beach/Coney Island tour that covered Ocean Parkway.

The next several posts cover these three topics. Enjoy!