Sunday, June 4, 2017

The People's Putt-Putt -- Imagine The Possibilities

I am working on the designs for a free portable miniature golf course to be located in North Adams, MA.  In no particular order, here is a list of the ideas/themes for the holes that I've come up with thus far.  (All locations are North Adams unless otherwise specified.)  Your comments and additional suggestions are welcomed!!!

  • Windmills in and around the city, including the power generating type on the hillsides and the ones on the roof of Mass MOCA
  • Hoosac Tunnel
  • Street map of the city
  • Susan B. Anthony's birthplace in Adams
  • Fort Massachusetts
  • The Berkshire Street Railway that ran in the vicinity of Adams and North Adams
  • The hairpin turn on the Mohawk Trail
  • Drury High School
  • The marble dam and Natural Bridge State Park in Clarksburg
  • Union Depot
  • The Corner Market
  • The West End Market
  • Mt Greylock Veterans War Memorial Tower
  • The hospital
  • The Mohawk Theater
  • A blanket of snow
  • Urban renewal and its consequences, especially the L-shaped mall and K-Mart
  • The Appalachian Trail, Stony Ledge, the Thunderbolt Trail, the Hopper, Bascom Lodge, and other features on Mt Greylock
  • Arnold Print Works, Sprague Electric, Willow Dell, the Mass MOCA complex, and other former and current mill sites
  • Noel Field and the Steeplecats baseball team
  • Florida turnips, especially how the turnips pop up out of the ground due to frost heaves
  • Pedrin's Dairy Bar

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